Empowering Indigenous Peoples Project

The McCollum Foundation For Peace is pleased to share our newest project toward creating a better world. In February 2019, we will be taking an international group of Indigenous Elders to the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad India, to be seen and heard by over one hundred million attendees. This is part of our long-time commitment to helping raise up the voices of Indigenous Peoples and to empower them to be seen, heard, and appreciated!

The elders will be honored guests at the center of the largest gathering of human beings in all of history, with a projected expectation of as many as 125 million people coming. There will be a sacred Kiva built at the center of the Kumbh Mela to honor the presence of the Elders at the heart of the event, and they will meet world dignitaries, and address huge audiences.

The team at the McCollum Foundation has been providing the support necessary to bring this all about. We would like to thank our amazing friends Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati and Sadhvi Bhaghawati of the Parmarth Niketan Ashram, for their gracious offer to host us in India. We would also like to thank the Hindu America Foundation and in particular Mihir Meghani and Suhag Shukla for their help in supporting this historic journey. We also like to acknowledge the hard work of Ken Kitatani and Mindahi Bastida Munoz in helping to select the elders for the project, and for their own personal commitment to journey to India with us.This project will accomplish a number of the McCollum Foundation’s long-term goals. First, to give voice worldwide to the Indigenous Peoples. Second, to create a strong partnership between the Indigenous Peoples of the world, so that they can come together to advance Indigenous wisdom, address Climate Change, and care for our planet generally, and third, to advance the acceptance of diversity and religious and spiritual pluralism.

We are close to our funding goal, but we still need your support in order to make it happen. All funds are for travel expenses only.

If you are in support of empowering Indigenous Peoples and advancing their wisdom, and you want to address Climate Change, protection of our sacred rivers and water sources, and good planetary stewardship, please donate.

The McCollum Foundation is a 501-c3 nonprofit, and all donations are tax deductible.

Take a look at our project website, and give generously. The future of our planet and humanity is in your hands!

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Kumba Mela List of Indigenous Elders

Ken Kitatani

United Nations Representative of Sukyo Mahikari, Ancient Shinto of Japan

Executive Director of the Forum 21 Institute

Mindahi Bastida

Otomi Toltec Elder of Mexico

Director of Original Caretakers Program at Center for Earth Ethics of Union Theological Seminary

Guillermina Hernandez de la Cruz

Otomi Toltec Elder of Mexico, Priestess, and Traditional Healer

Mamo Lorenzo seuny Izquiero

Spiritual Elder from the Arhuaco peoples of Sierra Nevada Mountains, Santa Marta, Columbia. Spiritual Authority and Representative of the Confederation of Indigenous Traditional Medicine of Columbia.

Pacha K’anchay

A representative of the Yanakuna peoples of Columbia. Member of the Confederation of Indigenous Medicine of Columbia.

Ninawa Huni Kui
Chief of the Hunikui Peoples of the Brazilian Amazon

Taily Terena
Youth Representative of the Terena Peoples of Brazilian Amazon

Tiokasin Ghosthorse

A representative of the Lakota Nation of South Dakota. Author, Radio host, Indigenous Rights activist and Master Musician of the Lakota