Environment, Climate Science and Conservation

The McCollum Foundation is excited to announce the establishment of the Aluna Fund and its partnership with the Oracle Institute. 

The Aluna Fund was initially established to bring the Mamos (Elders,) of the Kogi Tribe of Columbia to the United States, to address the issues of climate change, pollution, planetary sustainability, and world peace. Their journey included an opening ritual and critical discussions with VIP leaders at the Peace Pentagon in Virginia, addressing the United Nations, various stops across the United States, and addressing the Global Action Climate Change Summit in San Francisco.

We are planning to enter into negotiations to purchase back the original ancestral land from the mountains of Columbia to the sea appropriated by the Conquistadores over 500 years ago, restoring the sacred land to its original caretakers.

The Kogi are unique in that they are the only indigenous peoples who succeeded in resisting the Doctrine of Discovery and Colonization by retreating to their mountain stronghold 500 years ago and then caving in all of the trails to cut themselves off from the world. They have lived in harmony with one another and the land for half of the millennia, with no contact with the outside world. The Kogi are guided by Aluna, “the Great Mother who created existence,” who speaks with them and instructs them to make this historic journey. The McCollum Foundation and the Oracle Institute is honored to take this unprecedented action to restore indigenous people’s sacred land and to bring the Kogi’s wise and timely message to the world.

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