H.E. Rev. Patrick McCollum
Founder and President of the McCollum Foundation for Peace
Patrick was inspired by the Great Mother to promote a sacred universal vision that respects religious and cultural diversity and advances pluralism.

As a dedicated peacemaker, Patrick brings forth a well-timed meta-narrative of universal magnitude that is alerting the world of the sacredness of all beings. As humans, we all share the same essential needs: to be seen, heard and appreciated. The wisdom of this new universal vision asks you to look past your cultural upbringing and to accept a willingness to understand each other’s cultural beliefs. Rather than seeing differences, we are asked to focus on what we have in common and to appreciate the underlying similarities in cultural and spiritual practices. We are asked to acknowledge the divine spark that exists in each of us. In doing so, we connect as members of one large universal family, each receiving our essential needs. As we look at life through this new lens, we are lead to improved understanding, which brings us closer to universal peace.

We ask you to join us on our quest as sacred peacemakers by both promoting and living the meta-narrative. Everything is possible!