Our Mission

The McCollum Foundation is dedicated to creating a better world. Our mission is to create world peace on a universal scale through promoting a meta-narrative which establishes everyone and everything as equally sacred and essential, all sentient and non-sentient beings as family, and all needs, dreams and desires being met by empowering individuals and organizations to live this narrative. We believe this can be achieved through fostering inter-faith understanding and cooperation, and ending religious discrimination, for all spiritualities offer wisdom. Therefore, all people of the world should be honored as brothers and sisters.

One of the main aims of the Foundation is to empower youth across the world to become compassionate and pluralistic leaders of the future. We want to teach the children that they can live a life that will leave the world a better place than before they came into it. We are achieving this through education programs that allow the youth to understand their role in respecting people’s faith and honoring the earth, and by recognizing that everyone has value, everyone is serving a purpose, everyone supports the whole, and each one of us is a critical piece of the overall puzzle.

The Foundation plans to expand training regarding pluralism to other governmental entities in the US and find ways to establish similar programs in other countries. The McCollum Foundation intends to continue Patrick’s direct work supporting those needing spiritual support and counsel, to show world leaders that when caught up in the greater work, we must never lose sight of what we are fighting for. We want to ensure that every voice is heard, every right is respected and every faith is honored.