Our Team
Nell Rose Foreman
Managing Director

Nell Rose Foreman BCC, CHT – Nell Rose is the co-founder along with Patrick and was instrumental in the initiation and set up of the foundation.  She has worked diligently behind the scenes organizing and helping to grow this organization and to support Patrick.  She believes world peace must begin with ourselves and has created a mission she calls Personal Peace Revolution. She has a BS in Human Resources and is a board-certified coach and hypnotherapist.

In her own practice, Nell Rose helps her clients, to feel confident, secure, and in control of their thoughts and lives by designing customized programs to improve performance, using habit control and other modalities based on science to help them to reach their business and personal goals. She is a thought management expert, rapid change strategist and has dedicated her life to empowering her clients to see a new perspective, challenge beliefs that are not serving them, and create a life of their highest potential. She has a strong knowledge of marketing and online platforms and enjoys helping entrepreneurs and businesses acquire more customers.

Kathy Evans-Palmisano, RN, CNM, MS
Operations Director
Kathy Evans-Palmisano has a strong background in the fields of Unity Consciousness and Human Rights. With 30+ years of clinical practice and administration in women’s health, Director of three midwifery practices and two nationally accredited freestanding birth centers, she has peacefully assisted thousands of baby’s entries into this world, empowered women, and championed non-separation for families. Kathy has served on the Illinois Committee on Nursing; as Legal Consultant for firms in three states; and Clinical Adjunct Faculty for four universities, medical schools and residency programs.

As a lifelong fitness and nutrition enthusiast, she has helped countless individuals live healthier lives, appearing as the featured trainer in several national magazines. As a performing artist, she has appeared in professional dinner theatre and on national television. Kathy is a gifted energy healer and a modern-day wise woman whose business, Ki-Ri (Energy Re-Integration) assists individuals and groups to “remember” their Divine nature through energy healing and transformational ceremony, generating a “field” of unity consciousness that transcends separation. She has been recognized as one of Peaceburgh’s (Pittsburgh’s) Transformational Spiritual Leaders and co-founded the 501c3 SITE NITE.

Regina Rivers
Public Relations Director
Regina Rivers comes to The McCollum Foundation from her career as an inner-peace activist. Using her gifts as a shamanic practitioner, writer, relationship coach, and energy worker, she assists others in finding and nurturing their inner peace so that they may become empowered to heal and, in turn, add their personal peace to the world at large. From 2009 to 2018, she organized events for the non-profit group she founded and chaired in Pittsburgh called SITE NITE where, twice a month, speakers shared their expertise on a wide range of consciousness-raising topics.

Regina holds a BA in Sociology with minors in Psychology, Women’s Studies, and Religious Studies.  She teaches workshops on many spiritual and shamanic topics and is available for private sessions through her business, Rivers Healing Arts, LLC, in Pittsburgh (aka Peaceburgh) PA.

    Scarlet Rivera
    World Peace Violin Director
    One of the world’s most prominent, active, and versatile violinists, Scarlet Rivera has become known as a legendary musician playing with most influential artists of our time including Bob Dylan and the Duke Ellington Orchestra. In addition to her music career, Scarlet has worked tirelessly as a champion of human rights, the environment, and wildlife protection throughout the years. As a delegate to the UN for the International Human Rights Consortium (IHRC) in Geneva, Switzerland, she spoke before the High Commission of Human Rights on the subject of the environment, wildlife, and the rights of indigenous peoples and how the protection of all three works together. Since 2014, Scarlet has represented The McCollum Foundation as the ambassador of the World Peace Violin and continued with more events such as performing for International Peace Day in Central Park, NY. Scarlet’s latest endeavor, A Call 2 Peace, is a series of concerts led by Uruguayan artist, Eduardo del Signore with music and visuals becoming an avenue to bring forth a simple yet profound message about the possibility of peace. Scarlet is currently writing a book as a companion piece to her world music Voice of the Animals CD. It will feature animals in mythology, history, spirituality, and the cultures of the world.