Day 5 at Borbordour: Today was a very special day for me. Throughout my trip I have been treated as an honored guest and a spiritual leader, but there has gradually been something else growing. As I share more of myself and my beliefs, there is a sense of higher purpose. After we assembled at the Manahoa and made our way to the temple, we stopped at the base for Lama Ganchen to perform a series of rituals to commemorate our spiritual growth as we worked our way to a higher spiritual plane under his direction. He directed everyone to sit on the ground at the base of the temple, and directed the high Lamas to sit on a bench with him In front of the gathering. As I made my way to sit on the ground with the others, Lama Ganchen called me out, and said, “no, you sit here,” directing me to join him and the other Lamas in the front on the bench. It was a transitional moment for me, and I humbly complied. The walk through the layers of the temple held even more significance for me today, and I took in every delicious moment. I reviewed all of the incredible experiences I’d had so far, and gave thanks to the Goddess for placing me in the company of such great spiritual masters as the Abbott, and Lama Ganchen, that I might be exposed to such great wisdom and have the opportunity to share my own path and be honored in it. I also thought of the wonderful gifts bestowed on me by my fellow spiritual travelers, and the great opportunities I’ve had to work toward joining our spiritual communities, and working together toward world peace. I really have felt accepted here, and recognized for my life’s work, and my walk through this ancient monument now seemed to serve for me as the glue that brought that all together. The three or four hours at the temple went by like a quick daydream. The rest of the day too, passed quickly. Ritual and meal, and discussions, and revelations, all rolled together in a huge cauldron of transformation and I hit the bed energized, hardly able to wait to see what might transpire on the marrow.

Day 6 at Borbodour: I thought it couldn’t possibly get more intense or meaningful, but today, the Lama announced my Buddha name, a Tibetan practice where the Lama connects with the Buddha nature, and then bestows upon you the name that the Buddha reveals to him which reveals your destiny. The Lama announced my new name, and it is Sheida Garypo, the King of Peace. I am astounded and honored all at the same time. This whole journey has been off the map! I’ll skip the details of my seventh day, as my trip is winding down as I prepare for the long journey back home. But the high point for me was when the Lama gave me his personal Kata, a beautiful golden cloth filled with blessings and intense spiritual energy that he wears in sacred ritual. And so I ended my day, feeling fully empowered to do the work that’s set before me. And whatever doubts I may have had, before boarding that plane only a few weeks ago, are now washed away. And while I know there will be many obstacles to overcome first, I feel ready to do the work. And now I begin the journey home, back to the place where I began. From Borbordour to Jogyokarta, then from there to Jakarta. Then from Jakarta to Bangkok, and Bangkok to Hong Kong. And finally the long flight from China to San Francisco, and San Francisco to home, like reading a book backwards, back through time to the beginning of the story. But everything has changed and I will truly never be the same.