Well, the adventure begins.

I’m sitting in San Francisco airport waiting for my first flight. I’m on my way first to Seoul Korea, and then on to Kathmandu, Nepal. Its a long flight and it will take several days to get there. There is no way to anticipate what adventures might present themselves, but I think I can say with some surety, that it won’t be boring.

A number of people have asked me exactly what it is that I am doing, and what I hope to accomplish. To answer, I must begin by explaining my mission in life and the spiritual philosophy that drives me.

I believe, and am very compelled by that belief, that principles that lie at the core of my spiritual path hold many of the answers to world peace and hope for a sustainable planet. I also believe that if we want to change the world for the better, we must walk our talk. And so I am doing my best to do that.

So, what do I believe that I feel compelled to share with others? I believe that we all initiate from the same point. By that I mean that wether we believe that we are created by God, or by a God & a Goddess, or wether we believe it all started with two atoms smashing together, or a giant explosion, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter, is that most of us believe there was some initiating point or action that has brought about all that is. And if that is true, no matter which camp we choose to align with, we are all made of the same stuff. And consequently, no matter who is right, or what theology or theory turns out to be absolute truth, we are still undeniably all family.

I also believe that if we are all made of the stuff of creation, then we are all sacred, and so I want to find ways to move people to see oneanother that way

And so, I travel when called, to share my values and to assist my brothers and sisters who are in need. I show up to challenge those who are in opposition to one-another, to try to see the sacredness in their fellow human beings and to recognize that war and competition for resources only leads to more war and competition. The world has grown too small for this kind of behavior and it is clear, at least to me, that there is enough for everyone.

I am hoping to accomplish several goals on this trip. First, a group of organizations are coming together to facilitate training for both youth and teachers to teach our young to see our commonality instead of our differences. I also want to meet people on their own level and own ground, to establish relationships and to be able to accurately tell their stories. And lastly, I want to influence government to shift their perspective to to work to become citizens of the world, rather than trying to establish tiny fiefdoms.

With luck I’ll have some success and represent my community to the greater world in a way we can be proud of

Continued …..