July 20, 2011

I left San Francisco yesterday on Air France, to speak at the first
International Conference on Transforming Conflict. The meetings are aimed at shifting Middle Eastern youth away from violence and toward global citizenship and also to discuss the resolution of major Middle Eastern conflicts, such as the Israeli-Palestinian situation.

The event is sponsored by the King of Jordan and a number of international organizations devoted to world peace, including, Youth Without Boarders, USAID,and the Common Bond Institute.

I am honored to be able to play a significant role in such an important gathering and will rely on the my spiritual intuition and mediation skills to offer what help I can.

I arrived in Jordan at 7:00 PM Jordanian time after a long flight via Paris, France, with relatively smooth sailing. And with the exception of an hour or so of moderate tension as we flew across some of the areas embroiled in conflict where we were instructed to remain in our seats in order to reduce the possibility of hijacking, everything went quite well.

Upon arrival I was transported from the airport to the Sadeem Hotel in downtown Amman, which was about an hour long trip and which gave me the opportunity to see both the countryside and the city. I am now settled in my room and am preparing for my presentations and the opening of the dialogues tomorrow. It is now 9:30PM Jordanian time or 7:30 AM in San Francisco where I left and I’m both tired, and excited to see how things here unfold.