January 11, 2013

Today began my journey to India and the Kumbh Mela. I started in San Francisco at 3:00AM and have been flying for 14 hours so far. First to New York, an then to Amsterdam. I am now sitting in the airport in Amsterdam, waiting for my flight to Delhi. I have a five hour layover and am tired, but also anxious and excited to reach India.

I am accompanied by my assistant, Dr. Harriet Nettles of Washington, DC, who will journey with me for the first three weeks. Harriet will care for me and help free me up to focus on my role as a spiritual leader.

When I arrive at my first stop in Varanasi, I have been asked to come and bless the students at a beautiful university there called SMS. I will also give a speech there and talk with students in the management programs about how to change the current business paradigm which has led to huge poverty worldwide and the devastation of our planet and its resources, to a new one which is inclusive and acknowledges the sacredness of every human being.

I believe that teaching our youth to incorporate these concepts, is one of the ways that we can alter the course of our history and create a better society.

Right now I am tired but dedicated. I believe the task before us is huge but possible. We just need to step up and each take responsibility…not just for ourselves, but for our communities and our planet’s future. We each have gifts and skills to contribute, and if we do, things will change!

We don’t have to be the whole tree, just the seed. Plant the idea, and the possibilities are endless.

I am touching down in Delhi now and hope to catch a short rest before continuing on to Varanasi. This will be a long and grueling journey filled with both adventure and optimism. May I have the strength to go the distance, and the guidance to make the right choices and say the right things. And may that voice that serves as my touchstone be loud and clear.

Blessings to All and may we find ways to Peace!

Patrick McCollum