Feb 12, 2014
Last day

Here we are again and it is the last day of this prestigious event. Tomorrow we leave for Kohlor to bless a new temple and will stay there for four days. Then back to London, and finally back home. It’s beginning to feel like a long trip.

As I write, I am sitting in the front row with thousands of people behind me along with my friend Lady Windsor from England and my new Kogi friend, Calixo. One can feel the intensity of the multitudes of people waiting outside to file by the Yaga fire in front of us, and I feel so privileged to be here.
I’ve made many great connections and initiated several important peace missions this last week, and I can tell by the exhaustion I feel that I have worked hard.

My team has worked hard too, navigating politics, a foreign environment, and long, long hours. But they have really done a first class job which has allowed me more space to do my job. They are great!
I began my first speech at the event by saying that I was both honored and humbled to be in the presence of all of the people who have come together. I said this because each and every one of them, literally millions, have all come together with a common directive … To find pathways to peace and connection.

It is alway so hard to convey the magnitude and importance of these peace gatherings, especially the last few in India. These aren’t the typical peace conference with a hundred or so people present, and presentations and such. These are huge and far beyond imagination, with many opportunities of many sorts.
One can’t really capture the grandness of it all on film and there just aren’t enough words to properly share it. Basically, it breaks down to thousands of deep and often revealing discussions between individuals, government officials and dignitaries, and various organizations, where the things that happen behind the scenes later play key parts in significant and measurable change.

One of the handicaps in trying to share what happens here, is that many of these conversations are privileged and intentionally sequestered. Things are discussed here which can impact the outcome of wars, generate peace deals, and which sometimes involve intimate conversations between some of the really big players that shift reality on the world stage. Yet most of those conversations can’t be shared. So, in reading our accounts, one must work to read between the lines understanding that many of the key participants use this time to initiate change and to influence or change minds. This is very important work!
This last day in particular is directed toward pulling all of the different aspects highlighted each day into one powerful intention …

Peace on Earth!

Most of my behind the scenes work is now done and my public speeches and appearances are finished and I am now allowing myself to delve deeper into the spiritual aspect of this gathering. There is such unity here from so many different religions and spiritualities. Even with all of their differences, there is a continuity of spirit. Event the scientists are on board.

There is something here, that needs further investigation and I am giving it a lot of thought so it can be included in all of our work going forward. I’ve also been inspired to write a new book and I intend to find the space and time to do so. A book on how to incorporate what I’ve learned over these last ten or so years into daily life for a better world. I’ve got a lot to say and quite a bit of experience under my belt now so I’d best get to it.
I have many new friends to say goodby to now and some will be going on with us for a few days before that happens. For sure I’ve got a lot of work to do when I get home, following up on discussions here and catching up on all I’ve let slide at home while traveling. There are some exciting new endeavors on the horizon now, and new speaking opportunities to consider. But in the end it all translates into work. Hard work. But I can’t change the world by just sitting back and watching and so I’ll regroup and hopefully recharge for another round.
I’ll sign off for now as we all have to pack and were all tired. We will be transporting the Sacred Fire to Kohlor where it will be maintained until next year.

Until my next blog,
Peace & Blessings to All,
Patrick McCollum