Today I am preparing for my trip to the United Nations on April 29th to participate in a special session on Nuclear Disarmament. I already know several of the key players who will attend and I am looking forward to meeting and creating relationships with several others. H.E. Archbishop Francis A. Chullikatt the Permanent Observer for the Holy See (the Pope) will be present and I look forward to meeting him and creating a stronger connection with the Vatican. I have already made connections with several Cardinals and a number if Bishops and am continuing to have conversations toward partnering to address world peace issues.

On another note, I am also preparing for several online presentations for the Summer of Peace program sponsored by the Shift Network which will start in May. Watch my postings for further details.

Lastly, I am putting the finishing touches this weekend on the “World Peace Violin” that I created as a symbol of world peace, in order to get it ready for its world debut on the main stage at Central Park in New York for the International Vigil for Peace and Sustainability that kicks off the International Day of Peace worldwide. The World Peace Violin has already toured a number of other countries and is becoming internationally known, but this event is central to the peace movement and I am honored to be a part of it. The violin will be played by renowned singer and peace violinist, Jennifer Salima Holt.

I will also attend the International Day of Peace at the UN.