Today I arose at 4:00 AM, to pack and leave for the Thai mountain jungle. I will be meditating there for four days at a retreat in the famed, Khow Yi National Park. We drove for several hours out through the city of Bangkok and into the countryside. Eventually, we turned on a country road and started winding our way up into the mountains. About a half hour later, we rounded a bend, and an Elephant was standing on the side of the road. Following that, we saw several more, but this time with riders on their backs. After a short stop and a few photos we continued on, eventually arriving at our destination.

Our retreat is a wonderful, intimate, Thai-style series of buildings, located on a neatly mowed clearing, carved out of the jungle. The call of exotic birds, huge frogs, and insects fills the air as we exit, and while it is in the jungle, our little sanctuary has all of the amenities necessary for a relaxing stay. We are shown our rooms, and I have the good fortune to draw Brother Ku, the Kahuna, as my roommate. Ku is from the Big Island of Hawaii and we hit it off right away. After arriving and unpacking, we meet with several other spiritual elders and our Buddhist hosts, and are introduced to the Lamas and move right into meditation. Tonight we focused on meditation for about 4 hours followed by a wonderful Thai dinner and bed.

Much of the focus of my meditation is directed toward the internal Chrystal Sphere I have been gifted by the Buddhists which is filled with light. My thoughts continue on world peace and the interconnection of all things as my journey continues, and I am engaged in many conversations with my brothers and sisters here, both on that subject, but also on the nature of spirituality and its core meanings.

Day Two at khow Yi: Today have I received blessings and been gifted with several spiritual gifts to carry on my path by Yogi G from Nepal. We are like brothers now and talk frequently between our meditations. It is as if a huge web is being woven, connecting me with the many sacred paths at once, and it has now been settled that I will travel to Katmandu in a couple of months to continue this journey.

I have been talking with my brother Cheif Dominique, sharing medicine. Tonight he shared something very profound with me and I will include it in my walk. As with the others, our bond has grown quickly and our mutual respect is forging lifelong bonds. I have been invited to Canada where he and I will walk the Medicine trail together and share wisdom. Dominique is the Medicine Man that the prophesied White Buffalo was born to and tomorrow morning, the Grandfathers have moved him to share the pipe in ceremony and gift me with ashes of the White Buffalo. I will carry some of them with me going forward where ever I go, as a symbol of our connection and as a new bond between our communities.

Our work together toward World Peace is beginning to take concrete form and a plan of action is coming together in a powerful way. We are working to create a powerful team using our diverse spiritual perspectives, and already have several specific action projects in the works. The Wise Abbott and his emissary Neene continue to make me feel very welcome, and after another 8 hours of meditation, I am ready to call it a night.