Today we got up early to hold a special ceremony to connect the visiting spiritual elders. We agreed that Chief Dominique would perform a pipe ceremony and create sacred space. We invited the monks to attend, and three of them showed up. I began the ceremony by playing sacred music on a special violin I made just for that purpose. Then Dominique called the directions and brought out the pipe. His wife and apprentice Marie, is also a pipe holder. We shared the pipe between us and had a wonderful experience to start the day.

The ritual was attended by Brother Ku, my spiritual brother, Yogi Ji, Dr. Nina, Dr. Diane, me, the three monks, and our 3 of our hosts, including, Neene. Chief Dominique, is not only a medicine man, he is also the person that the White Buffalo calf was born to. The calf is part of a famous Native American prophesy. The calf eventually died and the tribe cremated it. The Chief was moved to honor me by gifting me some of the ashes to empower me in my work, and also to serve to give notice to the native American community of my work on their behalf. I will use them for all of the above! Also, Yogi Ji blessed me and gifted me with a Hindu necklace and special Kata. I am very moved to receive these powerful gifts and empowered blessings, and will try to honor their gifts through the world work I do! I topped off the day, with meditation, and we were specially honored by a visit by the Abbot in the late day.

Day 4, Khou Yi jungle: Today was wonderful in many ways. Each of the spiritual leaders have gifted me with special sacred gifts now and I feel both connected to and empowered by them. I spent most of of the day in meditation with the monks and I am now able to hold deep trance for hours on end. Also, my hosts are so generous and I feel like a king. I went to sleep around midnight, and awoke again at exactly 3:33 AM. This time I was so full of spiritual energy, that I dressed and went outside. I climbed over the compound wall and walked deep into the jungle by the light of the moon.

The sounds of the jungle at night are like nothing I’ve ever heard before. There are huge frogs croaking as loud as bass drums, and dozens of other smaller ones that sound like a chorus of children. Elephant’s screams pierce the night, and the sounds of large animal hunters seeking prey can be heard intermittently. My rational mind says I’m crazy for venturing out so, with tigers and poisonous snakes and who knows what? I have no weapons or any way to defend myself, and yet the moon guides me forward without fear. After about an hour I find a perfect clearing to do ritual. It’s circular and about 30 feet in diameter. I can see huge colorful flowers high in the trees and hanging vines everywhere filled with tropical fruits and spiny pods. I call the quarters and invoke the Goddess and find myself completely immersed. I did prayers for world peace and for human rights, everywhere, and I asked for blessings on my community.

Just before sunrise, something large and sleek crossed into the shadows on the edge of my circle, but remained in the bush in the shadows. Only huge eyes reflected through the bush. A tiger. I wasn’t afraid at all, and then the strangest thing happened. My cell phone got a signal. I Immediately called several friends and shared my profound experience of being in the jungle. About that time, dawn started to break, and a little voice spoke in my head and said, many animals feed at daylight. I accessed my situation and decided to head back. I made it safely home, and got there just in time to wake my spirit brother Ku to have breakfast so we could go to meditation.