Hi All.

Today I led a march of 5,000 school children along the banks of the Ganges to both clean up the sacred river, but also to call for world peace and the preservation of our environment generally.

All of these things have been quite spontaneous, and our single act of mucking trash in front of all of the pilgrims has gone viral across the world. There were TV stations from many countries and newspaper reporters everywhere. The Governor and Minister and many other officials have joined with us, and banners and such are literally being created in the moment. One TV station said this is the most significant event toward saving our planet in modern history.

Swamiji got this idea to have the kids take a pledge to clean and preserve the planet, and it turned into a huge gathering. I sat up in front with 5,000 children behind me and we all took the pledge together.

Over a hundred schools asked me to give them blessings, and so I spent the whole day blessing each of them and sharing with the children and teachers how to bring this dream to fruition. I was the only spiritual leader doing this and it was a powerful moment for me. I connected with each and every one of the 5,000 children personally, and many took my hand and asked for personal blessings for themselves and their families.

I have videos, and will try to trim them down into short segments to share.

The Goddess is with me, and in this marvelous country that carries a lot of meaning. I am definitely on my path, and Pagan history has moved on into a whole new journey.

I am exhausted and getting sick now, but I am doing my best too fight it. The sheer weight of individually blessing all of those children and their teachers is taking its toll.

I shall sign off for now.

Kumbh Blessings,