January 23rd 2013
Kumbh Mela
Allahabad, India

I write this morning from my bed as I struggle to rejoin the event. The last two days have been a fog of agony with only snippets of consciousness here and there. I went through tossing fevers and chills so intense that my teeth still hurt a day later from clashing together. I don’t know what it was, but I was so weak that a simple task like checking the time on my cell phone took two or three hours to recuperate from.

I have managed to sit up for the first time in several days and am hopeful to work my way up to taking a short walk around camp or going to listen to the beautiful Kirtan singing performed by Prem Babas group.

I will try to do an interview for TV this evening as they are doing a special on me and need more input. I will let everyone know the particulars once I find them out.

I think I will sign off for now as writing is still zapping my strength. But I definitely think I have turned the corner.

I’ll try to write more later if I am up to it.

Kumbh Blessings,
Patrick McCollum