Blessings All,
I wanted to share that our international peace center project at the Auschwitz Death Camp in Poland is moving forward nicely. As many of you have been following this project since it’s inception, I wanted to share several significant updates with you.
First, it looks like we may be able to acquire a number of additional buildings at the site, all of which have both historical and also practical significance. Our negotiations with Polish officials has gone well and things are really coming together.

Just as a refresher, we launched a project over a year ago to build a world level international peace center with the dream of locating it in the building that served as the very first barracks for prisoners at Auschwitz. It was our hope to create a transitional center that replicates the underlying principle put forward by the World Peace Violin … transforming the remnants of past violence and war into a single voice for peace.
It is my hope that this new peace center will move beyond just the horrors of the Auschwitz camp to become a place where our new Meta Narrative for world peace will profoundly shift peoples perspectives toward a bright and new hope for the future!
We have now been joined by a number of significant worldwide partners and organizations, and our whole original plan is falling into place.

When completed, I have full confidence that our peace center will become one of the most significant peace centers on the planet, and you my friends will have all been present from its conception through its opening. Thank you for your support and kind words of encouragement. They have supported me through the more difficult times.
Now the difficult details begin. Financing, building renovations, global outreach, peace programs development, partnerships with universities, etc. It is both an exciting time and an exhausting time 🙂
The main thing I would like to share here is one which is often repeated in many of my past posts. Dream big!!! You each have potential far beyond your wildest imagination.

We each have within us the ability to change the world if we choose to do so. You don’t have to be Superman or Wonder Woman to make a difference. I’m sure not! You simply have to step forward and take action as best as you can. It is our inherent sacred potential that brings about success, not our position, money, connections, or education. We are each equally valuable pieces of the larger puzzle no matter what our status. Like every piece of every puzzle, we just need to insert ourselves into the right slot and in doing so, we connect with our kindred matches, who are in turn connected to theirs, and so on and so on until our insertion shifts all possibilities and contributes to the whole of creation.

From my perspective, it is in this act of consciously connecting and fully playing our part, that true difference is made.
I want to thank and honor all of those who have already stepped forward for peace. We are kindred spirits and I am honored to share your journey.
May we all find pathways to peace and may we find unity in our diversity rather than trying to shape diversity into sameness.

Summer Blessings,
Patrick McCollum