Blessings All,
Today I finished the long drive from San Francisco to my ranch in New Mexico. It is my first trip with my new truck, and it ran perfectly 😊
I am here to write on my new book “Scars”, which is the story of my life. It is not a book about difficulty or emotional scars, but rather its about the many scars that I have received over a lifetime of amazing adventures.

Each and every scar has a story, and those are the stories that I am excited to share! From the launch of the space race to pioneering in the wilderness, to the top of the fashion world in New York and creating jewelry for Presidents and royalty. Across the deserts of the Middle East to Maha Raja’s palaces in India and adventures of salvaging ships in the South Pacific. Deeply spiritual journeys and a life threatening shark attack!
I’ve walked the jungles of multiple countries, and the seen the beauty of the Himalayas, and the amazing people I’ve met … that in itself could be a book on its own! I look forward to sharing.
This will not only be a book about what I’ve seen and done, but it is my hope that it will serve as a guide on how to live fully and why one should do so.

As many know, my ranch is in a remote wilderness area in the high country of New Mexico. It is far from any civilization or roads or towns, and it offers a perfect venue for creativity. I will share bits and pieces as I’m there, but for now, I just look forward to the silence.
Wish me luck that I might be able to put into words, all that has been rolling around in my head.

Many Blessings,
Patrick McCollum