Please forward!
Blessings all of my friends and supporters. This is where the rubber hits the road for me and the Patrick McCollum Foundation For Peace ( to raise our funding for 2017, and I need your help!
What have we accomplished over the last year to contribute to a better world?

Well to name a few things, our work helped open the new Peace Pentagon in Virginia which will become a peace hub for the world, We successfully taught peace training to young leaders from all across Africa in an effort to change the future for that continent. We also responded with medical supplies, food, and shelter to victims of the Nepal earthquake & we had the honor of opening the International Day Of Peace at the United Nations Interfaith Chapel in New York both with the opening speech and with the World Peace Violin. Then we launched a new international peace center and youth peace training program at the Auschwitz Death Camp in Poland, and I traveled to Standing Rock to help with the strategy to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, which was successful.

I co-facilitated a program to train both high level representatives from the US Military and high level representatives from the nation’s prison systems on how to advance the acceptance of Diversity and religious pluralism in those agencies, and managed to get a commitment from the US Army to create a new program to meet the needs of Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples spiritual needs on the battlefields. Then I had the honor of meeting with leaders of the Black Lives Matter Movement and creating partnerships toward addressing issues of race in America. There are many more accomplishments and projects, but these give you a sense of the level of engagement we are taking on worldwide.

In 2017 I will be moving forward with multiple additional projects toward peace and toward protecting the environment and our animal brothers and sisters. Our international peace center and peace trainings at the Auschwitz Death Camp in Poland that we just launched, moves forward in March, and my partnership with Dr. Jane Goodall to protect the animals and the forests in third world countries takes its next step. We have moved forward on our joint project with one of the world’s foremost Silicon Valley Internet technology firms to launch a worldwide social media platform to allow all of you to have direct input and control over all of the world’s banking institutions who invest in projects that harm the environment or work contrary to human rights and equality for all people. We hope to launch that program with our partners by February. And of course we will continue promoting peace with the World Peace Violin in several countries. And our work to stand with our indigenous brothers and sisters at Standing Rock through both the upcoming legal battles and the potential presidential interventions is firmly in play. But to do all of this, we need your support.
No one at the Patrick McCollum Foundation receives a salary. 100% of all funds go directly toward our projects, and we are funded 100% by you.

Take a step forward and join us to create a better, safer, more peaceful and sustainable planet.
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May Peace Prevail On Earth!
Patrick McCollum

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