Blessings All My Friends,
As I prepare for my new year of speaking events and peace projects around the world, I have a short window of free time available before I start on my next round. As most of you know, this is extremely rare for me!
Anyway, I have decided to pack up my things and to drive to my remote ranch in the high country of New Mexico to write on my new book. It’s about a twelve-hundred mile drive and I typically drive straight through in one very long day.

The drive is long and very difficult for me, but my ranch, which is called Castle Cerridwen is a place where I can really have the peace and quiet necessary to write successfully.
I plan to sit out on my front porch bundled up against the cold and look out onto the wonderful landscape that surrounds me during the day, and look up into the amazing stars that are out there during the night. I’m basically almost forty miles from the nearest road and there isn’t another person anywhere for as far as I can see.

My new book is called “Scars”, and it is the story of my life and all of the adventures I’ve had throughout it, from being present at the very first secret firing of the rocket engine that eventually took us to the moon, to running in the Olympic Trials, to leaving home and traveling on a carnival, to becoming a pioneer and living in the wilderness, to venturing into the Himalayas and to transversing middle eastern deserts and tropical jungles.

Over the course of my life I’ve met and made friends with many famous people, designed jewelry and fashion for a number of famous movie stars & rock stars, and dedicated my life toward creating a peaceful and sustainable planet.
I have written quite a bit so far, but I really hope to make significant progress over this next few weeks.
Send some good energy my way if you can, that I might have a safe journey as I drive, and that I can step away from all of my global responsibilities for just a short while to work on this important personal dream project.
Hopefully you will all have the opportunity to read it once it’s completed.
Tomorrow I do a presentation on Standing Rock and our strategy going forward, and then I jump
Into my truck and drive and drive and drive!

Peace & Blessings to All,
Patrick McCollum