Tomorrow I honor my mother and father who died when their house burned down. They died together at 3:33 AM on March 9, 2015.

They were Jim & Barbara McCollum
Losing both of them and both of my brothers and most of our family history all in one short period was really tough.
I installed some of their ashes in the World Peace Violin so that they could join me in my work for world peace, which was something that they greatly supported.
For those who know don’t know my story, I was pronounced dead in 1965 after a drunk driver hit me on my motorcycle in fatal car accident. I was flatlined for 6 1/2 minutes. Then I miraculously came back to life and became one of the early subjects of NDE studies. All of my work toward world peace and honoring the sacred in all things stems from that NDE experience.
The interesting fact is that I was pronounced dead at 3:33 PM, the exact same time as my parents death, but 12 hours apart.

Life and death are such mysteries.
I had a cell phone that broke down just before my parents died and I got a new one. A year later, the phone came back on just before the anniversary of their death and I received a message from my parents that was sent the day before they died.

It said:
“Patrick, we are just calling to tell you how proud we are of the work that you are doing to create a better world. While it may appear to you that we are not there with you, know that we will always be standing on the edge of the crowd even if you don’t see us.
We love you!”
Life is a great mystery, and I have yet to fully understand it?
I miss you mom & dad, and I will remember that you are still there with me on the edge!
Tomorrow on the anniversary of their death, the World Peace Violin will play at the Sacred Space Conference in Baltimore/Washington area.

I look forward to reconnecting with those who I know there, and to meeting those who I don’t.
May Peace Prevail On Earth,

And may we all remember those who have passed this way before us.
Patrick McCollum