Blessings Everyone,
I have an Idea that I have been kicking around for a while and I would like to see who might be interested?
I am thinking about inviting a small number of people out to my remote ranch in the high country of New Mexico to a private, invitation only gathering, to share a preview of some of the stories that will be in my new book and to share wisdom that I have learned from my life’s journeys around the world. I have seen and experienced things that very few people on the planet have had the opportunity to see, and I would love to share what I can with those who are interested, in both stories and photos.

The get-together would include hiking in the remote Cibola Wilderness which is profoundly beautiful in itself and also visiting some of the little known sacred places used by the Anasazi and their ancestral predecessors, “The Old Ones”. We would engage in ritual at one of the ancient Sipapu (ancient doorways into the “Other World”) in the area, and sit out under the stars at night while using my 12″ observatory grade computerized telescope to look at nebulas and planets. (My major in college was astrophysics and my dad was one of the top officials in the Apollo space program)
The sky where my ranch is located has been designated by the International Astronomical Union as the clearest sky on the planet for naked eye viewing of the heavens, and it is so clear that one can see meteors and their trails throughout the night and all of the satellites in space with the naked eye!

Keep in mind, that the area is also where the first space crafts from the Roswell Incident crashed, and that UFO sightings and such are fairly regular there. It is also where the first uranium was discovered and mined that fueled the first Atomic Bomb, and a place where there are famous hidden treasures that have yet to be found. The area is filled with the history of famous gun fighters and Native American legendary warriors, and is considered one of the most sacred places on the earth by the Hopi, Zuni, Navajo, and Apache.

I would also share some of my background in survival technics and herb lore for those who might be interested (I served as a survival instructor for the United States Navy and also for Search and Rescue, and I know everything from how to find water and build a fire in the wilderness to how to make high explosives from plants and how to survive a nuclear attack.
Basically, I would just like to share much of what I’ve learned over the years that I feel would be beneficial for people to know.

This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity as my work in the world leaves me little time for such things,but it a legacy that I would like to share.
If anyone would be interested in attending such a gathering, just post here and I will add your name to a list to contact as things become more defined.

Peace & Blessings,
Patrick McCollum