On Wednesday May 24th, I will be having surgery on my left eye. For those who remember, I had surgery on my right eye in February and it didn’t go as planned. I can see fine in my right eye now, it’s just that my vision in that eye is now only good for about 3 feet, where as before the surgery it was good for normal distances.
I would appreciate any good energy or prayers sent my way on Wednesday morning. Obviously, I need this to go well.
All of that said, it seems that as with so many things in my life there was a reason that my surgery didn’t go as planned. As a result, I ended up having a series of additional meetings with my eye surgeon to try to figure out what to do next. During those meetings, I shared with him about my work to promote a better world and my work in other countries where people don’t have the level of medical care that we do. This led to an amazing outcome!
The surgeon and his brother (who are both prominent eye surgeons) were deeply moved by my efforts and are now planning to travel with me to a place of my choice, and they will provide free eye surgery for 10 days to as many people as they can. They will do corrective surgery, cataract surgery, and other more complex procedures. They will bring all of their equipment with them and restore the eyesight of many who would never ever ordinarily have this option!
It’s just a small thing in relationship to all of the problems in the world that need fixing, but I am so pleased to be able to play a part in making this happen! Once again it shows that by simply stepping forward, possibilities arise and change is made.

And as for me, once again I have learned that sometimes the difficult challenges placed before us that seem dire or discouraging, are actually opportunities to open new doors to new possibilities that we never imagined.
Let us never forget that each experience that we have in our lives always leads to another. Sometimes those experiences may be challenging, but more often than not, they lead to wonderful outcomes.

I like to think of life as an adventure story, and that each of us is the main character in our particular story. In a good adventure story, the hero/heroine overcomes many obstacles. They may be captured by pirates or get lost in the jungle. But they also get the girl/guy and often find the treasure.
I don’t know about you, but I prefer my life’s story to be a good read. And so I will continue to step into the unknown guided by the desire to make a difference and see what the next chapter brings.

How about you?
Patrick McCollum