Today I am teaching a Peace Training to a group of dedicated peacemakers. From my perspective, a peacemaker is a person who actively considers the state of the world and the people in it, and then chooses to step forward to make things better than they are.

A true peacemaker moves beyond their own precepts and beliefs, and works to take in the precepts, beliefs, and experiences of all of the other people on the planet. Then once they’ve done that, they access themselves and determine what they can do or contribute that will benefit all of the people on the planet and not just themselves or their little circle of friends.

And lastly a peacemaker, once they have determined how they can make a positive difference, steps forward and takes a specific action toward that goal!
We all can be peacemakers. It is not the specific action or cause that we contribute to that makes us so, but rather the conscious choice to step forward with the goal of world peace as our touchstone guiding our every action.

I am honored to be able to share information with others on how to best make use of our individual peacemaking talents and skills. This is one of the ways that I step forward!
Let us all make a pledge to do something to make a better world. We may each think that our part is too small. But I like to think of myself as like a sandbag during a huge flood. By myself I can’t do much. But stack me up with my brothers and sisters, joining together side by side and hand in hand, and we can stand against the greatest flood and divert potential disaster.

I commend those who have chosen to come here today to see what they can do. They are just regular people like you and I. But by setting aside their own daily challenges for this short time today, they have now “stepped forward”. And that single act combined with their commitment for doing so, makes them a peacemaker!

May Peace Prevail On Earth!
Patrick McCollum