I shared last year about a complex situation taking place in Thailand where a Buddhist Monk who is the leader of about two million Thai Buddhists was being sought by the general who led a military coup of the country. The general wasn’t able to arrest the influential Abbot last time due to thousands of disciples intervening.
The dictator says that he is arresting the Abbot for money laundering, which is he Abbot denies, but under laying it all is the fact that the Abbot was a strong supporter of the previous Prime Minister before the military coup.
The problem here is that the general has arrested other spiritual leaders for “questioning” on various trumped up charges, and then they were never seen again.

I know the Abbot personally, and will do what I can, but his temple is now surrounded by thousands of police and soldiers.
I hope that the amount of press being generated might add some level of protection, but I also am keenly aware that similar coups in other countries generally end in tragic violence.
Pray for international intervention, and for the Abbot & his millions of followers. This situation could lead to his disappearance or even a massacre.

Patrick McCollum