Blessings Everyone,
I am both honored and excited to share that I have been invited to a participate in a special think tank event in Switzerland this September.
The meeting is to discuss creating a framework for developing a Universal Spirituality. Myself and a small group of well known international spiritual leaders & activists will spend a week together creating possible frameworks, then a group of about 150 to 200 established spiritual leaders and planetary activists from many different traditions will come spend three days with us to join in conversation about what we’ve come up with. It is truly an honor to be able to meet and share thoughts with some of my esteemed colleagues and to have the chance to also share our ideas with others.

Myself, Annette Kaiser, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Connie Buffalo, Desiree and James Hurtak, Jean Houston, Master Li Jung Feng and Li Jing, Sri M, Macaco Tamerice, Marcia and Jack Prager, Manitonquat, Mike Booth, Nah Kin, Nana Apeadu, Nina Meyerhof, Patrick Ku, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Sadhu Maharaja, Sidi Brahim Tidjani, Stephen Fulder, Sundar Robert Dreyfus, Ulrike Hobbs-Scharner and Visolela Namises are confirmed for the event.
I will share more as the time gets closer, and will report from Switzerland as our work progresses.
May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Patrick McCollum