As I continue to write on my new book, “Scars”, I am going through photos to include in the book. Besides telling the stories about my experiences and adventures, I also want to try to include some pictures of some of the amazing things that I’ve seen along the way to give it all context.

I just came across this particular photo and thought I’d share.
This is a picture of me and a few of the special friends that have joined my journey toward shifting the consciousness of the planet. I could write numerous chapters on the adventures I’ve had with each of them, but this particular night was really special for all of us together.
The photo from left to right, is the Maharaja of Gondal, the VisCountess Windsor, me, and the Maharaja of Wankaner at the famed Wankaner Palace in Gujarat India.

We were all together at a huge royal wedding at the Maharaja of Wankaner’s Palace. Twenty thousand people attended the event including royalty from all over Europe and such and I got to sit in the very front row as a Prince and Princess made their vows. Then I was invited to a private dinner on the palace grounds with the family and around twenty people. It was a meal beyond description.

The wedding was an amazing event beginning with the Prince riding on an elephant followed by an opening of traditional musicians and acrobats and fire eaters. As we arrived at the palace in the Maharaja of Gondal’s Rolls Royce Limo, we were greeted with sword dancers and fire dancers and troupes of amazing traditional Indian dancers. Then we were escorted through a quarter mile long tunnel made of beautiful silk fabrics lined on the outside with chanting singers as thousands of rose petals were thrown on us from above.

The wedding was literally like something out of a movie filled with elegance and grace. I am so blessed to have been able to have had this experience and to have been able to have made such amazing friends.
For those who don’t know, I am writing a book about my life’s journey and it is a series of vignettes and stories about the hundreds of scars that I have accumulated over the years, each of which has an amazing story or adventure to go along with it.

The reason I have decided to title my book “Scars”, is because most people think of scars as wounds, but for me they are a physical reminder and a tangible conformation of the events that I have both survived and experienced, and a record if you will, of who I am today and how I got here. The scars I carry are truly the book of my life!

Patrick McCollum