In my posts over the years, many of you will hear me repeat over and over again that diversity itself is sacred and that not one single human being is like any another, and yet our governing narratives are almost always about trying to make everyone strive to be the same so that they can be accepted. We try to dress the same, strive for the same goals, and to become accepted by our peers as being “normal”.

This plays out in our religions and our races, and our cultures, and even in our sexual orientation.
But I say that we should stop promoting those stories and instead accept and appreciate each and every person for the unique and special being that they are. If we can just find a way to eliminate the concept that there is the “other” who is not like us, and that in fact, every one of us is different and that that is truly beautiful, then we can come to achieve world peace.

Here is a video of a woman who does a much better better job of articulating my vision than I do.
When I was young, one of my closest friends was a young man called the Crawfish Boy. His real name was Bob, but he was born with little fins instead of arms and legs. Bob eventually went to work at the Freak Show for Royal American Shows, the world’s largest carnival back in the 1960’s. Bobs dream was to become an acrobat and when he joined the Freak Show his dream finally came to be.

He could do triple flips, roll across a tightrope fifty feet up, and climb a pole three times faster than the world record. He was an amazing man and a very dear friend.
Bob and I used to have long conversations about the world and outer space and philosophy and many other things. In truth, his appearance was the smallest part of who he was, and I was always honored to be able to introduce him as my friend.
May we find a way to accept one-another, and create a world where the sacredness of our differences become the hope for a future.

Many Blessings,
Patrick McCollum