Today I would like to share some special news and to congratulate one of the outstanding members of our team here at The McCollum Foundation.

Kristen Oliver who is one of our core members, decided to go back to college in order to get a degree in Public Policy so that she could better support our worldwide projects. She enrolled at Mills College here in California which is a highly respected institution and graduated this year. She has now been accepted to the Graduate Program at Mills and was just selected to receive the prestigious Pearl M Award Pin, one of the colleges highest honors.

The Pearl M Pin was designed in 1902 and was awarded to Seniors after approval by Susan Mills, the founder of the institution. It is a lifelong honor, and when the recipient passes away or chooses to gift it back, it was returned to the college to be passed on to another deserving recipient. Each time it is awarded, the story of the life and accomplishments of the former pin holder are shared with the school in a special ceremony so that their contributions to the school and to society become a part of history. Kristen will now become a part of that legacy!
We are building quite a team!

We at The McCollum Foundation are so proud of Kristen Oliver and we greatly appreciate the contributions that she is making globally to create a better world.

Way to go Kristen!
Patrick McCollum