Blessings Everyone,
I got a very special (and much needed) present for my birthday which was on April 11th, and I picked it up a couple of days ago.
As some of you know, my four wheel drive truck engine finally gave out after many amazing adventures and many many miles of travel. As a result, I have been literally on foot for almost three months now and it has been both stressful and challenging because of the work that I do and the places that I have to be able go to do it.
In any case, I just bought a new (actually a used but new to me,) Toyota Tacoma TRD four wheel drive truck and I am beyond ecstatic!

The process of getting this particular truck fell right in line with the message that I try very hard to promote around the world, and that message is:
If you want to accomplish something difficult, or to raise the level of success you will have in your pursuits, you need to first throw away doubts that you may have and move into a place of absolute confidence. Confidence that you will reach your goal and that everything necessary to get you there will show up. Then if the job itself just seems impossible, don’t try to take the whole thing on at once, rather just pick the smallest easiest part of the project that you “can” do, and do that. My experience has shown me that when we take a first step toward a goal, the next step that’s necessary is almost always miraculously revealed once you complete the first action. It’s kind of like cutting down a giant tree with an axe. If you look at the tree and you look at the axe and say to yourself:

“That tree is just too big and this is not possible, you can be sure that nothing will happen. But if you take a few swings and whittle down the diameter just a bit, it quickly becomes clear that progress has been made and that the job is not as daunting as it seemed before you started. This process gives one hope, and with a little rest and some strategic planning, you take a few more wacks and whittle it down a bit more. In the end, one day, that tree will eventually fall, and what seemed impossible to overcome at first becomes not only a victory for you, but also a confidence builder. This is how I always proceed when attacking a big problem!
Anyway, the challenge with getting myself a new truck was that there are very few available with the features that I need in a price range that I can afford, and when I spoke with dealers and tried Car Fax, I simply struck out everywhere!
So I decided to do a meditation ritual and named exactly what it was that I wanted.
A Toyota 4 wheel drive double cab with a manual rear differential locking system and an a separate electronic traction assist. It needed to have a complete heavy duty tow package installed (so that I can tow my little bulldozer) and a low ration rear end. I wanted a full long bed (these are not normally available on small trucks, and particularly not available on dual cabs.
I wanted the largest engine that is normally found in a full size truck, but I wanted it in a smaller Tacoma. And lastly, I wanted it to be red, which is the hardest color to come by in a Toyota,
After my ritual, I assumed a level of full confidence that I would find my truck during the only three hour time slot that I had available to look this month. I selected a random Toyota dealer in Livermore California that said that they only had a silver short bed 4×4 without most of my needs, and I visualized my truck being there as I drove to the site.

After looking at the truck that they had advertised and telling the sales guy that it wasn’t what I wanted, he called back to the purchasing department and learned that they had just gotten in a 4×4 but that it hadn’t been processed yet to sell so it wasn’t on the market. He went around back and shortly returned driving my exact truck with every specific detail that I wanted included!

I work very hard to make a difference in the world and often that means sacrificing many of my own needs and desires. But over time, I have learned that when one strives to walk a sacred path, the tools necessary to accomplish my goals seem to materialize in mysterious ways!
There are many mysterious coincidences in our world, and I can’t say for sure that I fully understand them all. But I can say that at least today, I am deeply thankful for whatever that unseen force is, and that I am so looking forward to once again hitting the road!

Patrick McCollum